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Specification of 12 Channels Electrocardiograph

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Product description

Professional Medical Equipment Manufacturer.

Parameters of ECG Machine (Specification of 12 Channels Electrocardiograph):

CMRR ≥ 100dB, with AC Filter Calibrating voltage 1mV± 3%

Input circuit: Floating Voltage tolerance ± 500mV

Input circuit current ≤ 0.1µ A

Time constant > 3.2s

Resolution 12bit/1000Hz

Frequent response 0.05Hz~150Hz

Operation mode: Manual/Auto

Noise level ≤ 15µ Vp-p

Filter AC. EMG Filter Threshold ≤ 20µ V

Drift filter: Anti-Drift System Paper speed 12.5, 25, 50mm/s (± 3%)

Input Impedance > 50MΩ Sensitivity 5, 10, 20mm/mV

Patient current leakage < 10µ A

Recorder High resolution thermal printer

Specification of fuse T1.6A 250V Ø5×20

Battery: Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery 14.8V (4000mAh)

Recording paper: Thermal recording paper Package 365mm×306mm×109mm

Product features

Function Features of ECG Machine (Specification of 12 Channels Electrocardiograph):

- Modern in design, light in weight, compact in size.

- Simultaneously acquisition of 12 lead, full screen display of 12 channel ECG waveforms.

- 10.2'' color touch-screen, both push-button and touch operation.

- Sensitive filters of ADS, HUM, and EMG.

- Automatic measurement, calculation, analysis, waveform freezing. Auto-analyze and auto-diagnostic can reduce doctor’s burden and improve working efficiency.

- Automatic adjustment of baseline for optimal recording.

- Thermal printer with 216mm print paper, synchronization print. It is high resolution thermo sensitive printer and thermal-array (8 dots/mm), you should not adjust anything Frequency Response is up to 150Hz.

- Lead off & lack off paper detection function.

- Built-in rechargeable li-ion battery (14.8V/4400mAh), AC/DC power conversion.

- Adapt to 100-240V, 50/60Hz AC power supply

- Historical data and patient’s information can be reviewed and printed.

- Support USB flash disk & SD memory, stored reports can be saved, opened, analyzed in PC via ECG playback software.

- The machine can store over 500 ECG reports in its built-in flash.

- Standard RS232 and USB communication interfaces.

- Connect with PC via ECG workstation software.

- Sleep mode to save energy and extend LCD life

- The device can record real time clear and exact 12 channel ECG waveform and remark continually. The remark includes: lead sign, sensitivity, paper speed, filter state, etc.

- Portable design with hidden handle, convenient to carry.

- 7 level printing thick can be chosen.

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    Specification of 12 Channels Electrocardiograph
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