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steel octg in oil and gas / oilfield tubing pipe, Oil well, water well

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Min. Order Quantity: 10 Tonnes
Production capacity: 300 Tonnes/day
Supply time: 10 Day(s)
Payment terms: L/C Letter of credit, T/T Telex transfer
Price: $650.00 / Tonne
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Product description

Steel Octg in oil and gas/oilfield tubing pipe,Oil well, water well.

Petroleum casing is an important equipment for oil drilling. The thread surface of oil casing and coupling should be smooth. Burrs, tearing and other defects sufficient to cause thread interruption to affect strength and tight connection should not be allowed

Steel Casing Pipe, also known as encasement pipe, is most commonly used in underground construction to protect utility lines of various types from getting damaged. Such damage might occur due to the elements of nature or human activity.

Product features

Steel casing pipe is used in different types of horizontal underground boring, where the pipe is jacked into an augered hole in segments and then connected together by welding or by threaded and coupled ends, or other proprietary pipe connectors such as the interference-fit Permalok interlocking push-on joint.

The steel casing pipe can also be set up and welded into a "ribbon" and then directionally pulled through a previously drilled hole under highways, railroads, lakesand rivers.

Steel casing pipe protects one or many of various types of utilities such as water mains, gas pipes, electrical power cables, fiber optic cables, etc.

Company: Hebei Borun Petroleum Pipe Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Product Name: OCTG casing pipe

Surface Treatment: Anti-corrosion Water Based Paint

Standard: API SPEC 5CT

Steel grade: H40, J55, N80, N80Q, L80, L80-1, L80-9Cr, L80-13Cr, P110 etc

Out Diameter: 114.3 ~ 508mm

Wall Thickness: 4.24 - 16mm

Length: R1 (4.88m - 7.62m ), R2 (7.62m - 10.36m), R3 (10.36m - 14.13m)

Packing details: Protection Caps on both ends and in bundles with steel strips and two tags as per export requirements

Type of upset: NUE, EUE, Plain end

MOQ: 10Ton

Payment term: T/T, L/C

Delivery date: According to The Specifications And the Quantities Of Each Contract.

Application: Used as the architectural retainer for the walls of oil, gas wells

Main Market: South and East Asia, Middle East, Europe and America. We are manufacturer and exporter of OCTG casing pipe.

API oil casing is mainly used for drilling oil and gas wells and conveying oil and gas. It includes oil drill pipes, oil casings, and oil pipes.

Oil drill pipes are mainly used to connect drill collars and drill bits and transmit drilling power. The oil casing is mainly used to support the well wall during and after the completion of the well to ensure the drilling process and the normal operation of the entire well after completion.

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    steel octg in oil and gas / oilfield tubing pipe, Oil well, water well
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