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Suppliers & manufacturers

Directory of suppliers and manufacturers. Tabdevi presents SMEs, companies and professionals to buyers, through a digital platform where companies can showcase their products and services.

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Suppliers and manufacturers directory

Access the supplier registry and you will appear in the directory of suppliers and manufacturers.

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B2B portal

Start showcasing your products and services on a B2B portal like Tabdevi. You will get more customers and we will help you if you don't know how to advertise your brand.

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For suppliers

Supplier Directory. Tabdevi creates an online marketplace for SMEs and medium-sized companies. Tabdevi is a B2B marketplace that connects buyers with manufacturers, distributors and suppliers from different countries.

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For buyers

Tabdevi simplifies the business process by making it easy for buyers to post their purchase ad and for suppliers and manufacturers to submit their bids to sell to buyers.

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Advertise your brand

Advertise your brand and you will be able to showcase your products and services on the Internet. Buyers will contact you.

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Benefits of being listed in the supplier, manufacturer and wholesaler directory
  • Advertise your brand for free and promote your products and services
  • Extend the reach of your business by accessing the supplier directory
  • Make your buyers find you faster and contact customers who need your products and services.
Benefits for customers and buyers accessing the directory of suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers
  • Contact suppliers, distributors and manufacturers effortlessly through product and service ads on Tabdevi.
  • Access to a wide variety of suppliers, where you can find suppliers from more than 30 countries, including suppliers from China, India, Spain, USA, France, etc...
  • Effortlessly find suppliers, distributors and manufacturers from other countries.

Used tractors

If you are a tractor supplier, tractor manufacturer and you sell new tractors or used tractors, you can register as a tractor dealer.


Suppliers and manufacturers

If you are a supplier and manufacturer, you can register as a supplier or register company to start showcasing your products and services. Buyers will contact you through your sales ads, you will be able to grow your business and sell online. shall we start selling online?

  • Machinery suppliers
  • Food and beverage suppliers
  • Cosmetics suppliers
  • Tractors suppliers
  • IT and computer suppliers
  • Agricultural suppliers
  • Apparel suppliers and apparel manufacturers
  • Chemical suppliers
  • Building materials suppliers
  • Packaging and printing suppliers
  • Rubber and plastic suppliers

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China Suppliers

China suppliers are major suppliers of electronics, home appliances, computers, machinery, textiles, chemicals, metals, agricultural products, food, beverages, cars, trucks and vehicles, paper, cardboard, natural stones and other raw materials.