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Syringe Pump PRO-SP300

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Min. Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Production capacity: 300 Pieces/day
Supply time: 7 Day(s)
Payment terms: Credit Card, L/C Letter of credit, PayPal, T/T Telex transfer
Price: $100.00 / Piece
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Product description

Syringe Pump PRO-SP300: A syringe driver, also known as a syringe pump, is a small infusion pump, used to gradually administer small amounts of fluid (with or without medication) to a patient or for use in chemical and biomedical research. Some syringe drivers can both infuse and withdraw solutions. Syringe drivers can be used for electrospinning, electrospraying, microdialysis, microfluidics, dispensing / dilution, tissue perfusion, and fluid circulation.

Product features

Features of Syringe Pump PRO-SP300:

- Large high-end LCD display in a compact design

- Distinct color buttonstone button menu for simple operation

- Up to 4 work modes: Rate / Time / Sequential / Dose

- Compatible with any kind of 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 60ml syring

- Support auto/Manual Bolous and KVO function

- Innovative 360° rotatable clamp,suitable for different angle installation

- Freely stackable design, max8 channels Syringe Pump

- Optional: drug library / infusion data output infusion stand etc

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    Syringe Pump PRO-SP300
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