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TOMIX agricultural sprayer with tank 100 litres

byMinitractores España
Min. Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Supply time: 1 Week(s)
Payment terms: Cash, Credit Card, T/T Telex transfer
Delivery conditions: DAP: Delivered At Place
Product delivery at: España y Portugal
Price: $917.15 / Unit
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Product description

All models of TOMIX agricultural sprayers machines.

Contact us through the form, we will help you in everything you need for the purchase of the Tomix agricultural sprayers.

Minitractores España is specialist in advising its clients. If you want to buy agricultural machinery and agricultural equipment, then contact us, we will advise you on everything you need agriculture.

In general, the types of agricultural sprayers are as follows:

- Backpack sprayers and hand sprayers.

- Motosprayers

- Sprayer with suspended tanks from 100 litres to 900 litres.

- Sprayer with trailed tanks from 600 to 3,000 litres.

Product features

The technical characteristics of the agricultural sprayer or farm sprayer are:

- HDPE high density polyethylene tank, with hand-washing and circuit-washing tank, with galvanized steel tubular structure chassis.

- The agricultural sprayer has a suction filter with valve. Hydraulic agitator.

- Low and high power piston and membrane pumps, from 25 to 250 bar pressure.

If you have any questions, ask us. We will inform you which type of sprayer machine is the most suitable for your farm and ask us for prices. We will advise you on your agricultural machinery and equipment needs.

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    TOMIX agricultural sprayer with tank 100 litres
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