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TPR material for Carpet Coating

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Min. Order Quantity: 1 Metric ton
Production capacity: 137 Tonnes/day
Supply time: 5 Day(s)
Payment terms: D/A Documents against acceptance, D/P Documents against payment, L/C Letter of credit, T/T Telex transfer
Price: $1,800.00 / Tonne
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Product description

TPR material for carpet coating: In the past 6 years, as the leading manufacturer, Suzhou Hongshuo Elastomer provide TPR solution to hundreds of carpet customers in China and other countries.

About Suzhou Hongshuo Elastomer:

1) R& D team with 15 + years experience focusing on PE, TPR, TPV

2) 2 factories, 20, 000 square meters workshop

3) ISO 9001, SGS, RoHs, REACH, FDA, Prop65

4) > 800 domestic and overseas customers

5) Product application: consumer, medical, automotive, electronics industries

Product features

TPR material for carpet coating: Thermoplastic elastomers are a group of materials that combine the processing advantages of plastics with the elasticity characteristics of rubber.

Advantages of TPE material for carpet coating: Processed by extrusion and bonding, good fluidity, no holes, environment friendly, non-toxic, odorlessness, havegood adhesion with PP, PE. Strong skid resistance, do not stick tothe floor, strong low temperature resistance, excellent high temperature resistance, machine washable, can not see the fabrics through the backing, easy processing, the scraps during production can be reworked, cost-saving.

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    TPR material for Carpet Coating
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