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YANMAR GK200 Mini Tractor - Tractors for sale and agricultural machinery

byMinitractores España
Min. Order Quantity: 1 Unit
Supply time: 2 Week(s)
Payment terms: Cash, Credit Card, T/T Telex transfer
Delivery conditions: DAP: Delivered At Place
Product delivery at: España y Portugal
Price: $12,568.50 / Unit
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Product description

Mini tractor for sale YANMAR GK200 new and registered is ideal for small and large farms and for working in narrow places as they have a center to center track width of 78cm.

The mini tractor Yanmar has hydraulic steering and shuttle and is approved for use on public roads.

Contact us through the form and we will call you to inform you of the Yanmar mini tractor or other models.

Minitractores España is a specialist company in agricultural tractors, mini tractors and agricultural machinery. Minitractores España advise their customers before and after buying your tractor or mini tractor. Tractor available to be registered.

Product features

The technical features of Yanmar GK200 mini tractor are:

- 3-cylinder engine

- Power 20 hp

- Synchronized gearbox with mechanical inverter

- Traction 4 x 4

- Hydraulic steering

- Depth control

- 8 speeds (2 groups with 4 speeds)

- Suspension armchair

- Gearshift system with inverter

We offer all kinds of tools, spare parts, implements for our mini tractors and tractors, contact us and consult our stock.

Minitractores España offers after sales service, excellent. You can also consult other models such as the Yanmar GK160 or the new models Yanmar YT347 with 47 hp and Yanmar YT359 with 60 hp.

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    YANMAR GK200 Mini Tractor - Tractors for sale and agricultural machinery
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